On Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 8:07:03 AM UTC-6, Mark Waite wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 8, 2018 at 4:05 AM 'Sandra Parsick' wrote:
>> Hello Mailinglist,
>> is it possible to run a pipeline script on all Jenkins nodes?
> It depends what you mean by "all Jenkins nodes".  Jenkins includes the 
> concept of "permanent agents" which persist between jobs and ephemeral 
> ("on-demand") agents that are created and destroyed as needed (most 
> recently with Docker containers, though full virtual machines are used as 
> well).
> I assume you want to run your Pipeline script on all permanent agents.
> The Elastic Axis plugin will allow a Freestyle job to run on all agents 
> which match a label expression.  The platformlabeler plugin will 
> automatically apply labels to agents using information about the agent (for 
> example, the operating system installed on the agent).  I run Freestyle 
> jobs on all the Linux and Windows agents in my build cluster with the 
> Elastic Axis plugin and a label expression "linux || windows".
I just confirmed that the platformlabeler plugin is not currently available 
from the update center.  Sorry about that.

Daniel Beck believes that absence from the update center may be due to an 
infrastructure improvement he made.  If you decide to use the 
platformlabeler plugin and don't find it in the Update Center, an alternate 
download location 
is mentioned in Daniel's comments 

Mark Waite

> I think the same technique could be used in a Pipeline job, requesting the 
> list of permanent agents, then creating a task for each of the agents in 
> the list.  I haven't done that yet (still using Elastic Axis and 
> platformlabeler), but I think it should be possible.
> Mark Waite
>> Thanks and best regards,
>> Sandra 

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