I have a parameterized pipeline where we send an email during the post.  
One of the parameters is for the VHOST we are deploying to.  This parameter 
has a default value, but can be overridden in the jenkinsfile based on the 
branch being built.  In the jelly email template, I am getting the 
environment variables using:

<j:set var="buildenv" value="${build.getEnvironment(listener)}"/> 
    <td>Deployed to:</td>
    <j:set var="vhost" value="${buildenv.get('VHOST')}"/>

The value for ${vhost} always comes back as the default value, not what was 
overridden in the jenkinsfile.  I'm pretty certain the value is overridden 
properly because the application is deployed to the correct vhost on the 

How can I get the correct value to come through to the email template?

Thanks for any help.

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