On Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at 12:24:20 AM UTC+2, Cyrille Le Clerc wrote:
> Hello Aaron,
> If all your downstream branches have a dependency on the same upstream 
> snapshot version, then yes, all downstream pipelines will be triggered, we 
> don't differentiate on the branch identifier.

Thanks. I completely missed this answer :-)

> Did you expect a different behaviour? Wouldn't all the branches of the 
> downstream job deserve to be triggered?

I try to build a system where we can build PRs across projects. In each 
project, the PR will use the same branch name.

My reasoning is:

There will be code changes which will break other branches (removed or new 
Most of our products use at least three projects: Utils, Core and Client. A 
lot of code is built only in Core and Client but sometimes, we need code in 
Utils for a client feature. During one release cycle, all three projects 
will use a SNAPSHOT version. That way, a developer can finish the whole 
feature in a single JIRA issue (and three PRs in git). The single feature 
can be reviews as one and then merged in quick succession, causing builds 
of the master branch in three jobs.
Some people here argue that it's easier to just create a release of Utils, 
then a release of Core and then Client but if it turns out the Utils code 
has a bug, you have to release everything again. I'm not a fan of 7 
releases / day. It puts a lot of stress on the Maven Repo since it can't 
distinguish between "important" and "oh well" releases.


Aaron Digulla

> On Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 1:15:26 PM UTC+2, Aaron Digulla wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is there documentation how this feature works?
>> I'm especially interested how it behaves when jobA builds a branch X for 
>> project A and project B has a dependency on A. Both A and B are 
>> multi-branch pipeline projects.
>> Will that trigger a build of branch X of B or "build all branches of B"?
>> Regards,
>> Aaron Digulla

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