I'm on the Jenkins ver. 2.176.1.

I wish to connect to mysql database by passing host, port, and credentials 
in Jenkins pipeline for SELECT / INSERT queries to an existing database 

As, I have understood there is no good plugin that works for MySQL 
connectivity (tried a couple which do not mask the password); I decided to 
set the MySQL hostname and Port as environment variables and username and 
password as credentials in Jenkins.

I have three plugins installed for this purpose viz. Credentials plugin, 
Credentials Binding plugin,Plain Credentials plugin.

[image: Jenkins Credential Plugins]

I then setup mysql credentials by clicking: 
Jenkins->Credentials->System->Global credentials (unrestricted)

[image: Mysql credentials]

Now; in-order to generate code for pipeline for accessing these credentials 
i go to-> http:///pipeline-syntax/ see below snapshot: 

[image: Syntax Generator]

Below are three queries I have:

1. The credentials drop-down (marked with *RED ARROW* in the snapshot 
above) in the pipeline syntax generator does not populate anything & seems 
disabled. I was expecting the mysql credentials ID to show up in the 
drop-down as expected. Can you suggest what could be the issue here ? Also, 
I have administrator role.

   2. I need the syntax to pass the MySQL username and password as 
   variables to a different Jenkins job from my pipeline script below. Please 
   suggest how can I ? 
steps { build job: 'myjob1', parameters: [string(name: 'Region', value: 
"${params.Region}"),<mysql-username>,<mysql-password>)] }

3. Is there Alternate / better solution than the one I chose for Masking 
Database credentials ?

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