Considering that your current Jenkins system is using classic jobs (no 
pipelines) to tell if these jobs can be converted to a pipeline job?


This page:,  lists all the Jenkins plugins.  If 
I enter ‘pipeline’ in the search box, it brings up 104 plugins (not sorted 
by name).


If the plugin you are using in your classic job is not one of these 104, 
does that mean that this classic job cannot be converted to a pipeline job 
(scripted or declarative), or, does it mean that what you are doing must 
somehow be done in an external sh or bat script?


When creating a pipeline job, the Snippet Generator has a lot more 
drop-down selections than the Declarative Directive Generator…why?  Is it 
that you are supposed to use the Snippet Generator code inside ‘script’ 
blocks under a step, in declarative?


If you are running a Jenkins pipeline job, being that you are under the 
‘Jenkins’ umbrella, using Jenkins API calls can you call any non-pipeline 


Do the pipeline plugins have their own API documentation that I can use to 
determine what commands and parameters can be used with or passed to these 
pipeline plugins?  For example, for SCM…


Pipeline Script, connect to GitHub…

  Git ‘’

Declarative Pipeline, connect to GitHub…

  Git (url: 
‘’, branch: 

Similar, but different, how to know which one to use if just editing a 
Jenkinsfile, and not using the Jenkins IDE to look at the code generators?  
There are differences also when using Scripted or Declarative, when going 
to GIT (not GitHub).

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