This is happening more often than I'd like, and I can't figure out why.

- the commit I want to test is c3a9...
- the git plugin ends up checking out cd69.... - which appears to be master 

> /usr/bin/git merge -s recursive --ff c3a9d9a295f1acd636078514a49558c871cb502a 
> # timeout=10*00:00:10.967*  > /usr/bin/git rev-parse HEAD^{commit} # 
> timeout=10*00:00:11.053* Seen 91 remote branches*00:00:11.068*  > 
> /usr/bin/git show-ref --tags -d # timeout=10*00:00:11.083* Checking out 
> Revision cd69b45ba6a34f67791c5cbc6964b5c152415aae (origin/master)

- and of course, when I try to update the status, I get an error:

message": "No commit found for SHA: cd69b45ba6a34f67791c5cbc6964b5c152415aae"

...and then we end up re-testing master.

What is the Git Plugin doing?

Related - is there a way to script something before the git plugin does 
it's thing? I could convert the branch name to a commit id.

Thanks for any assistance. Cross posted to SO.

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