> Hi Team
> We are using Jenkins to run build, test and deploy jobs to our KOPS
> Cluster successfully without any issues. Jenkins is running on a dedicated
> EC2 instance
> We are now planning to switch over to EKS Cluster and want to point
> Jenkins to the new EKS cluster to perform the same actions.
> We are using Kubernetes Plugin for the KOPS cluster which uses certificate
> and username/password for authentication. But for EKS AWS uses
> aws-iam-authenticator that goes into the kubeconfig to generate on the fly
> tokens and so far we haven't been able to come up with a way to use
> aws-iam-authenticator to integrate Jenkins with EKS cluster.
> I would be really greateful if you could point me in a right direction or
> share with me the steps to integrate Jenkins with EKS cluster.
> --------
> Regards,
> Junaid

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