>From a Application Admin and working with App services standpoint, we 
control the version of Jenkins we use especially because of the plugins 
that come with it. 

Plugin compatibility needs to be assessed before we can update. We have 
seen an issue more than once when a plugin doesn't work well with a newer 
version of Jenkins or support of a plugin we use heavily is deprecated and 
so on and so forth. 

Also the WAR is very useful if you want to wrap the Jenkins instance around 
an App server like Tomcat or WebLogic or WebSphere. This helps by providing 
the features of a full fledged app server to a webapp like Jenkins. 

On Sunday, September 22, 2019 at 7:01:01 AM UTC-7, ABostonGal ABostonGal 
> Why would I choose to install Jenkins as a WAR file instead of using a 
> package installer?

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