During the first build, I am running the following:

                    result.each { key, val ->

Where result contains a set of key value pairs I want to set. If I do this 
I can see those variables on the environment in that build.
In my next build, I am running the following:

                    def staticNumber = 22
                    def job = 
                    def builds = job.builds
                    def buildByNum = builds.find { it.number == 
staticNumber }
                    echo "${buildByNum.getEnvVars()}"

Even though the environment was updated on the previous build, when I read 
it from the new build it is missing the new properties. I have read 
multiple SO articles about how getEnvVars() is very limited. 

Is there a way to have the key/value pairs from 'result' be available to 
the new build? It doesn't have to be through env, I just figured that would 
be the most simple.

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