This is one of the most broadly used feature of the pipeline-maven-plugin, 
I think it works for most user, there is probably a glitch somewhere.

Can you please share your testing Jenkinsfile and the details reported by 
withMaven in the build logs?

The troubleshooting pipeline script should look like

withMaven(...) {
   sh "mvn help:effective-settings"

The build logs line that reports the credentials injected in the settings 
looks like

> [withMaven] using Maven global settings.xml 
> 'global-settings-for-pipeline-maven-plugin' with Maven servers credentials 
> provided by Jenkins (replaceAll: false): [mavenServerId: 'github', 
> jenkinsCredentials: 'github-credentials', username: 'cyrille-leclerc', 
> type: 'UsernamePasswordCredentialsImpl'], [mavenServerId: 
> 'nexus3.example.com', jenkinsCredentials: 
> 'api-team-nexus-deployment-credentials', username: 'api-team', type: 
> 'UsernamePasswordCredentialsImpl']

On Friday, September 27, 2019 at 4:57:11 PM UTC-4, red 888 wrote:
> I also opened an SO post for this issue: 
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58139761/pipeline-maven-plugin-not-replacing-servers-in-global-settings-xml-from-jenkin
> I wonder if the plugin is broken or not working correctly for multibranch 
> pipelines? I can create a maven config file and in the "Content" all the 
> settings work, but configuring "Server Credentials" with a jenkins 
> credential binding is not replacing the "<servers>" section- seems to just 
> ignore it.
> for now I have to hard code my "<servers></servers>" secrets and all right 
> in the content of the config file because the credentials arent working

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