Dear all,

Once again, Hacktoberfest <> is
back! During this October event, everyone can support open-source by
contributing changes, and can earn limited edition swag. We invite you to
contribute to Jenkins, regardless of your experience and background. You
can write code, improve documentation and design, localize Jenkins or
create new artwork. Any GitHub pull request counts!

See our Hacktoberfest Page <> for
more information about the event. If you are a newcomer contributor, we
have also prepared a number of featured projects
<> where anyone
will get a warm welcome. There will be also many online and local area
meetups <> in October.

If you are interested to know more, tomorrow we will have 2 online webinars
at 7AM UTC and 2PM UTC. See the Jenkins Online Meetup
<> page for the links.

Have a great hacking time!
Jenkins Advocacy and Outreach team

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