Thanks Bjorn for helping clarify that. I would take what you said a step 
further by changing "could" to "must", since it appears that simply adding a 
trigger back into a Jenkinsfile for a job that has run since the trigger was 
removed, will necessarily have no effect until you manually run the job. 

Paraphrasing, and I wish this was in the docs somewhere, "Multibranch Pipeline 
job properties specified in a Jenkinsfile, e.g. triggers, agents.. have no 
effect until the job is run."

This is perhaps obvious to those with more experience with this plugin's SCM 
scanning feature.

Perhaps another good way to say it would be in the section that talks about the 
scanning feature to call out that "the scanning only looks at Jenkinsfile 
existence, it does not apply changes made inside Jenkinsfiles until they are 

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