All of our Jenkins servers are configured from code that is under SCM 
control (configuration as code). In order to get around a similar problem 
described here 
trying to set the `Use browser for metadata download' setting from Groovy.

In my case the error stems from Jenkins trying to find updates from the 
Internet, despite having no update server settings set and being on an 
internal network with no Internet access.

However I'm unable to find any exposed API for the above setting. Is there 
a way of doing this, say by using a generic Jenkins config class?

Failing that can one prevent Jenkins from doing any periodic checks for 
updates? Has anyone else got around this problem using Groovy?

The skip-certificate-check 
<> Jenkins 
plugin that was suggested in the above question didn't make any difference.

I want to get rid of, certainly more common, exceptions in the Jenkins log 
and the nasty red message that comes up on the manage plugins pages.

We're using version 1.19.0 of the jenkinsci/blueocean Docker image.

Many thanks in advance,


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