Hi All,

I have a Jenkins job which takes multiple parameters,  one of the Parameter 
we have the Name: repository  with choice (xxx_snapshots_xxx, 
xxx_releases_xxx, xxx_thirdParty_xxx )
 which basically repository to upload.

In Jenkins Job, we have Build Environment step with conditional 
steps(multiple) for  (xxx_snapshots_xxx, xxx_releases_xxx, 
xxx_thirdParty_xxx )

  -->conditional steps(multiple) in Jenkins Job

steps we have Inject environment variable in that have 2 section 
   Properties File Path 
   Properties Content :- 

xxx_snapshots_xxx, xxx_releases_xxx,  uploads work fine but not xxx_

In execute shell we have 

mvn -e deploy:deploy-file \

    -Dfile=file  \

    -DgroupId=${groupid} \

    -DartifactId=${artifactid} \

    -Dversion=${version} \

    -Dpackaging=${extension} \

    -Durl=${url} \

    ${optional_classifier} \


if the condition doesn't meet which will return ${classifier}

If condition met which will return


Jenkins Job is  Not uploading  xxx_thirdParty_xxx  to nexus.

Could anyone please let me know what might be the problem.




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