Hi James, 

I tried all the way what you have mentioned, but it only copy the job alone 
without build history and also the copied job as non-build able for that we 
need to trigger save function additionally.  I raised a ticket to cloudbees 
they only give support for subscription.   can you raise a ticket if 

On Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 5:33:31 AM UTC+5:30, James Nord wrote:
> this is not as simple as it sounds.
> first off a disclaimer CloudBees (my employer) as a proprietary feature 
> that does this.
> the reason it is not simple is each job type may have special folders. 
>  then you have builds which again may have artifacts may have special files 
> etc etc...  trust me there is a lot of edge cases.
> if you can simplify things (if the source has builds the destination will 
> have the same builds) then you can do some tricks copying in the same 
> Jenkins instance.
> firstly the job structure is *normally* job/name so you can recursively 
> copy the folder job/foldername.  to job/dest/job/folder name
> then you need to tell the parent it has a new child by loading the XML 
> https://javadoc.jenkins.io/jenkins/model/ModifiableTopLevelItemGroup.html#createProjectFromXML-java.lang.String-java.io.InputStream-
> alternatively you can copy the jobs recursively
> https://javadoc.jenkins.io/jenkins/model/ModifiableTopLevelItemGroup.html#copy-T-java.lang.String-
> or you could become a customer of cloudbees :)
> you could possibly also somehow use jobDSL with the seed jobs (but I have 
> never used that)

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