In keeping with JEP-4 <>, 
I'm posting to the user mailing list my plan to create and lead the Jenkins 
User Experience  special interest group.

I'll submit a pull request to with the structure described in 
JEP-4 <>.

The first UX special interest group meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 
November 26th, 2019 at 16:00 UTC. The proposed meeting agenda is at 
. We'll be using Zoom to host the meetings and record them The videos will be published to 

Draft mission statement:

The User Experience SIG focuses on improving Jenkins user interface and 
user experience. The SIG will seek feedback from the community on the 
current UI and UX and new designs proposed by SIG members and others and 
will discuss alternatives, identify compromises, and test implementations 
to improve the Jenkins UI / UX.


Jeremy Hartley

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