Hi everyone,

If you want to sleep on both ears like my cat, just install Jenkins Health
Advisor by CloudBees (she is trying to automate her food delivery process)

When I joined CloudBees
4.5 years ago, a big motivation for me was to give back to the community as
much as I got from it since I started to use Jenkins in 2007 (ok it was
called H... at that time).

Today I feel that I am contributing greatly to this goal by announcing the
availability of a new *free* (as in beer) service: Jenkins Health Advisor
by Cloudbees

This service is available *for everyone* (with an instance >= 2.138.4)*.*
Jenkins Health Advisor by Cloudbees is giving access through an analysis
report to the database of *know issues collected for years by the CloudBees
Support team *(several hundreds of probes and knowledge articles covering
many domains from best practices to security or stability issues).
It's very *easy to install *(just install the plugin "Jenkins Health
Advisor by CloudBees" <https://plugins.jenkins.io/cloudbees-jenkins-advisor>
from the Update Center and configure it).

More details are available in this blog post:

I would like to thank all my coworkers from CloudBees in general and from
the Support team especially who are contributing to it every day.

We really hope that this service will help you to keep healthy your Jenkins
instances. Don't hesitate to contact us and share your feedbacks to improve
as much as possible this service. You can reach us on a lot of community
channels (Google group, Gitter, IRC,..) or alternatively on our dedicated
support channel (advisor-support AT cloudbees DOT com).
If you come at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019
<https://www.cloudbees.com/devops-world/lisbon> in Lisbon next week come to
meet the Support team who is behind this initiative on the "Ask the
experts" booth (If you aren't yet registered and you are looking for a
discount code, contact me, I can help you)

Useful links:


   Plugin Documentation

   Jenkins Plugin Site

   CloudBees Jenkins Support


Arnaud Héritier
Mail/GTalk: aheritier AT gmail DOT com
Twitter/Skype : aheritier

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