There has been some confusion for a while about the status of Blue Ocean. 
As the product manager for Jenkins at CloudBees I would like to provide an 
update on CloudBees point of view with regards to the status of Blue Ocean.

CloudBees Point of View

Jenkins is not going anywhere and it needs a modern, up-to-date, UX for the 
next ten years of the projects’ life. CloudBees is investing in 
transformatively improving the Jenkins UI/UX. We have started a project to 
revamp the Jenkins User Experience and launched a new User Experience 
Special Interest Group (SIG) to involve the open source community in this 

CloudBees does not believe that Blue Ocean is the most appropriate vehicle 
with which to make these changes. As such, we will focus on alternative 
approaches and we will not be working on any major new functionality within 
Blue Ocean.

As we implement improvements to the Jenkins UI and UX, the Blue Ocean 
pipeline experience will remain relevant to users for quite some time. The 
work on the new UX will be prioritised and due to the relative modernity of 
the Blue Ocean pipeline UX, it is not a candidate to be replaced early on 
in the process. During this time we will selectively address significant 
security issues and functional defects.

As a part of the Jenkins OSS project, we encourage community contributions 
that resolve functional issues and add small enhancements to Blue Ocean. We 
intend to merge worthy community PRs and release these at a regular 

Any questions are of course welcome


Jeremy Hartley

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