I am having difficulties on setting up ssh servers under Jenkins (1.6) on 
Redhat 5.9.  We have plans on moving out of these older version, but for 
now it is what I have to work with it.



Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Configure System

Under the configure ssh server section:


When I create a new entry 



Fails on test configuration.

In the advanced form, I did include the private key of user Jenkins in that 
server (ustlssoam343).


For some reason, for some servers it does work, for others doesn’t.


I am able to test successful the configuration with another user in the 
same server.


Jboss is a user that cannot ssh into the server, only as nominal owner of 
some processes.


Jboss with the same configuration (cannot ssh, and using the ssh keys 
created via ssh-keygen -t rsa) in other servers work perfectly.



If you have any clues, please let me know, much appreciated,









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