Thanks a lot to all who've replied, this mailing list rocks! I'll try to 

I've asked here, because the wiki page "How to report an issue" tells me 
"The Jenkins JIRA is not a support site. If you need assistance or have 
general questions, visit us in chat <>, or email 
one of the mailing lists <>." on 
the very first lines. See

Still using subversion, so the hint about a too old git version on stock 
CentOS7 doesn't matter here.

My apologies, Mark Waite. I didn't know that the maintainer of the 
changelog url changed, and i guess all of us jenkins users respect your 
effort to make it happen as good and fast as possible. Since you've asked 
for help to get an automatic changelog page, i would like to give it a try 
when you give me more infos about how it should go, and which kind of 
environment is available. Shell and/or Tcl scripting would be no problem, 
but don't ask me about groovy.

About personal opinions about M$ file systems: agreed. scp or sshfs would 
help, but isn't much better. The key point here is, regression test 
machines in the local environment report results and logfiles to a network 
file system. Not a real performance issue. Other regression tests do some 
ftp transfers, and scripts need to check what and how much does get there 
(via CIFS share). So, instead of starting a JNLP session on each Windows 
agent manually (with access to a network share), it would be nice to see a 
solution which runs "jenkins as a service" (currently without error-less 
solution that has access to a network share). Thanks Simon for your hints, 
tried again, but still without success. Gives something like 'no access to 
Windows Event log' and exited. Thanks Simon Richter for your tips. Need to 
investigate and will report when having success.

About the "Check job prerequisites" jenkins plugin (aka "Slave 
Prerequisites plugin"... shouldn't this be named "Agent Prerequisites 
plugin" soon?): I have checked this with a fresh jenkins LTS and latest 
weekly distribution, and issue2 is reproducible: Select "windows batch 
command" at "Check job prerequisites" in any job, it is saved ok, reading 
the job's xml file. When loading job configuration again, it is displayed 
as "shell script" and saved as such (not as "windows batch command"). Ok, i 
guess i have to create an JIRA account&issue...

Thanks a lot, Ivan Fernandez Calvo, for opening JENKINS-60289 
<>. It's not a real 
showstopper, but it is time consuming to manually login to each (of many) 
ssh clients witthout detecting any issues, just (not) to get rid of a 
jenkins warning (which possibly sits in some kind of not-updated cache?). 
BTW, a 'grep sshHostKeyVerificationStrategy nodes/*/config.xml' in 
CWD=~jenkins reports the expected 
for all nodes.

About Remoting disconnects: is still reproducible on 
Windows with disabled IPv4 stack (which is a requirement for local 
regresssion tests).

 Thaaanks & Cheers, Peter

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