For historical reasons, Jenkins still ships with old, deprecated protocols, JNLP1-connect, JNLP2-connect, and JNLP3-connect. These all have fundamental issues and known bugs. They were all superseded by the JNLP4-connect protocol released in Jenkins 2.27 over three years ago (October 2016). They have all been deprecated and unsupported since Jenkins 2.75 over two years ago. Since then there have been UI messages and an administrative monitor strongly discouraging their use. (See more information about the protocols at )

As part of cleaning up technical debt I propose to remove these protocols. Does anyone have any concerns? If you do, please share use case or configuration details.

There is a proposal to add WebSockets as another agent connection mechanism. (See ) This may cover use cases where someone still uses the older protocols. We could make the removal of the old protocols dependent on completion of WebSocket support.

Jeff Thompson

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