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We build large C++ projects using Jenkins for Linux platforms.  These build 
jobs currently run on a single executor.  I want 'make -j' or ninja to compile 
concurrently on several cores to speed up the build time.  How can I cause a 
job to utilise multiple executors on an agent in this way?

These are two completely different things. The number of executers defines how 
man Jenkins jobs an agent can run in parallel. If you want to run your build 
(as executed by ONE job) as a parallel build, then you just need to specify the 
level of concurrency inside that single job, just like you would do if it was 
executed manually from within a shell (don't know whether Jenkins has a "make" 

This is also how we do it. All build nodes only have one Jenkins executor to 
ensure we only run one job at a time on any given node. But the builds executed 
by these jobs can then utilize all the CPU cores in that node.




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