I also uninstalled or downgraded all the others in that list of plugins 
except for workflow-cps (no option to do either for that) and restarted and 
still no good.

On Thursday, February 13, 2020 at 3:47:12 PM UTC-8, Glenn Caccia wrote:
> I have a Jenkins project that runs a maven build.  The maven build 
> includes a step where it uses axistools, maven goal wsdl2java, to build 
> classes from a soap service endpoint. This has been working fine for the 
> past few years. The last good build was from 1/31. On 2/4 I tried to build 
> this same project and suddenly that step was failing. I noticed that the 
> step is now including new parameters that were not present before. In the 
> last good build, I see a step like this.. [DEBUG] argslist: [-o, 
> /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/xxx/workspace/target/generated-sources/java, -w, -T, 
> 1.1, 
> file:/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/xxx/workspace/target/axistools/wsdl2java/urlDownloads/http---xxx.xxx.com-8080-xxx-wsdl.wsdl]
> But now, with the builds that are failing, I see this... [DEBUG] 
> argslist: [-o, 
> /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/xxx/workspace/target/generated-sources/java, -w, -T, 
> 1.1, -U, , -P, , 
> file:/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/xxx/workspace/target/axistools/wsdl2java/urlDownloads/http---xxx.xxx.com-8080-xxx-wsdl.wsdl]
>  So 
> something is injecting -U, , -P, ,. I looked at what plugins had been 
> recently updated and found the following... 
> config-file-provider
> github-branch-source
> script-security
> workflow-cps
> subversion
> The script-security plugin seemed like a likely suspect and I downgraded 
> it and restarted Jenkins, but still get same issue. Config-file-provider 
> does not provide a downgrade option. Any thoughts? 

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