Hey everybody,

I am a Jenkins admin in my company, but since the introduction of 
pipelines, I feel like I have lost a lot of control over Jenkins. There are 
a couple of things in my company that are really important for me to remain 
in control of, so I was hoping to get some pointers from some/all of you.

As a company, we supply the Jenkins Master with several 'public' nodes. 
These can be used by all projects and are paid for by all. Then we have 
some projects that have their own, special nodes, which only they pay for. 
The thing is, although these slaves are configured to be used only by jobs 
that request their specific labels, some of the teams have figured out that 
some of these nodes are a lot faster than our public ones and keep using 
these 'private' nodes. Since the projects that supplied these servers can 
sometimes run ONLY on these nodes (eg because they use lots of memory or 
have some specific hardware connected), they are obviously unhappy when 
they have to wait because the nodes are running 'illegal' jobs -- not even 
mentioning the fact they actually pay for these nodes...

Now, I was wondering if it was possible to configure nodes to be only used 
by certain people/groups/jobs/..., or even better, have the UI hide them 
from people that are not supposed to use them?

We are currently using Project-based security with LDAP and the Folder 
Plugin --> Every Project has a Group in LDAP and a folder in Jenkins where 
they have their jobs. It would be great if I can somehow 'connect' a server 
to one or more group(s) or folder(s).

Does anybody have any ideas on how to get (something like) this setup? Any 
suggestions are welcome!


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