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I've looked through the Jess book, but couldn't find the answer to this question: if I have several rules that activate when a particular fact is asserted, how do I ensure only the first relevant (i.e. in the order I defined them) rule is fired? Salience seemed like overkill for this, I was pretty sure there was an option to set this...

A snippet from my .clp file:
(defrule r1 (newAddress (locality ~"") (postCode ~"") (state ~"") ) => (printout t "r1 ") )
(defrule r2 (newAddress (locality ~"") (state ~"") ) => (printout t "r2 ") )

as you can see, a newAddress fact with locality, postcode and state will activate both rules; I only want r1 to activate.


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