Both suggestions are equally useful.. thanks.. I'll check in the API for
registering a listener with the jess engine (is it for the whole engine, or
by rule?)

As well, i'm already using log4j in my java wrapper classes I make use of
Engine's in.. so I will just STORE a logger and use it to track various
'inferred' pieces of information.

Thanks both of you for your help

Roger S

> I think Roger Studner wrote:
> > Has anyone has success in industry with a pattern or methodology for
> > tracking which rules fires and for what facts through a set of rules?
> Not sure what you mean by a pattern or methodology, but...
> > I have thought of listeners on firings
> That's all you have to do; DEFRULE_FIRED events contain the actual
> Activation object, which gives you the Defrule and all the Fact
> objects that matched. You'll get the events in the order the rules
> fire. You can then log all the info you want.
> Is there something more that you need beyond that?
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