If you call apply with str-cat outside of a function, the result is what you would expect: a single string that is the argument strings concatenated.


Jess> (apply str-cat “foo” “ bar” “ baz”)

“foo bar baz”


If you declare a function that performs the concatenation on its single multifield argument, the result of the apply inside the function is a string with the original quotes preserved:


Jess> (deffunction test ($?args) (apply str-cat ?args))


Jess> (test "foo" " bar" " baz")

"\"foo\" \" bar\" \" baz\""


To concatenate strings inside a function currently I use a foreach loop:


(bind ?res "")

(foreach ?str ?args (bind ?res (str-cat ?res ?str)))


where ?args is the multifield parameter of the function as above.


Bug? Or am I not understanding something?




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Institute for Creative Technologies

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