I think Yura wrote:
> (defrule rule (declare ) =>)
> When I type "(" inside "(declare)" I receive auto-loop,
> no-focus,node-index-hash and salience. After manually inserting
> "slot-specific" I receive error. I'm using Jess70b4, my Eclipse is 3.1.1.

Ah. OK. That's because slot-specific applies to deftemplates, not defrules.

> I try to deal with this by modifying the LHS:
> (defrule rule1
>     (need-T ...)
>     (not (T ...))
>     =>
>     ...
> )
> but I'm not sure whether it'll work correctly.

That's a common thing to have to do. In the first implementation of
Jess's backward chaining, Jess would insert a "not" pattern like that
automatically, but it turned out to not always be the right thing to
do -- or at least Jess couldn't figure out exactly what the correct
pattern should look like. So it's now left up to the programmer.

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