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> Am I wrong to say that the 'misfeature' mentioned below hasn't made it 
> into a feature yet in the latest release 7.0 b4?
> Is there any plan to still add it in time for 7.0 final?
> I've written defadvice for every numeric Jess-function (+, -, *, /, <, <=, 
> >, >=, =, <>, min, max, div, ...) to support BigDecimals only to discover 
> that they don't support nesting.
> The only solution I see for now is to convert them into deffunctions, and 
> go through all my rules one by one to change the function call.

This had completely "fallen off the radar," but now that you've
brought it up, I'll put it on the list. Thanks for the reminder.

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