I think Henrik Eriksson wrote:
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> Hi Dona,
> I am not sure I understand your problem precisely. Perhaps you could use
> the function "set-current-module" instead of "focus" to set the module
> before calling mapclass.
> On Wed, 14 Dec 2005, Dona Mommsen wrote:
> >
> > (defmodule ask)
> > (defrule ask::ask-question-by-id ...)
> > (focus MAIN)
> > (mapclass Question)
> >
> > instances of the class 'Question' are not added to the module that I
> > expect. Although the focus is on MAIN, they are mapped to module ask,

Henrik is absolutely right. The "current module" (the one in which
constructs will be defined, by default) and the "focus module" (this
one from which rules will be fired next) are two separate
concepts. Focus is a runtime thing; the current module is what you
should be using here.

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