>> I am using Jess with Protege.  I want to write a rule that says: run
>> when you get an oject FOO with a non-empty slot called 'name' and
>> where there is no fact foo with property bar equal to the slot
>> value.  I would intuitively wirte that this way:
> (defrule doStuff ""
>  ?o <- (object (is-a FOO) (name ?name&~nil))
>  (not (foo (bar ?name)))
> =>
> ...
> )

But such a syntax seems to fail:

defrule doStuff ""
  ?o <- (object (is-a FOO) (name ?name&~nil))
  (not (foo (bar (?name trim))))

I changed that to:

defrule doStuff ""
  ?o <- (object (is-a FOO) (name ?name&~nil))
  (not (foo (bar ?name2&:(eq ?name (?name2 trim)))))

Any comment?

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