I think erich.oliphant wrote:
[Charset iso-8859-1 unsupported, filtering to ASCII...]
> (defrule assert-a-temp
>    =>
>    (bind ?objRef (get-a-ref-to-java-class))
>    (assert (temp (x "val") (y ?objRef))))
> When I have (watch all) on, I see something like:
> ==> f-2 (MAIN::temp (x "val") (y nil))
> ==> f-3 (MAIN::y <Java-Object:java.Class)
> When I do a match on the 'temp' fact in other rules and try to bind
> to the 'y' slot value it's always nil.  Is what I'm trying doing
> possible/legal ?

I suspect that in simplifying your example for us, you fixed an
error. A misplaced parenthesis is causing the assert statement to
assert two facts, a "temp" fact and a "y" fact -- the "y" slot is
outside the "temp" fact's parentheses, like this:

(assert (temp (x "val")) (y ?objRef))

You can clearly see two separate facts in the "watch" output.

Perhaps interestingly, the JessDE editor would have issued a warning
for this assert statment, letting you know that the ordered template
"y" was not previously declared.

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