Hey Ernest,

I think that you meant that Jess was available at jessrules.com not
javarules.com  ;-)


> Folks,
> I'm happy to announce that the newest release of Jess, the Rule Engine for
> the Java Platform, is available for immediate download at
> http://www.javarules.com/download.shtml
> Jess 7.0b5 is (probably) the penultimate release before Jess 7.0. As
> such, this release is all about enhancements and fixes rather than new
> features. The list of "smoothed edges" is impressive -- see below. The
> most significant changes are increased robustness in the debugger, and
> the restoration of the Jess 6 semantics for "modify" with multiple
> slots.
> From the change log:
>   Don't "wrap" external JessExceptions in another
>   JessException. Fix a logical/slot-specific interaction
>   (thanks Shan Ming Woo). QueryResult gives better error
>   messages for undefined variable parameters or for
>   calling getXXX() before next(). Pretty-print
>   zero-length multislot patterns correctly (thanks
>   Jonathan Sewall). (map) handles multi-argument
>   functions (thanks Yuri Gribov.) (watch) accepts
>   multiple arguments. Bug in handling multiple
>   multifields in slot-specific templates fixed (thanks
>   Howard Greenblatt). QueryResult has full
>   Javadoc. Added "ppdefrule *". Static imports handle
>   overloaded methods. Fixed incremental reset for
>   accumulate (thanks Roger Studner). Defadvice for
>   nested function calls (thanks Ivan Op de Beeck.)
>   undeffacts function added. JessDE parses functions for
>   rule salience values (Gribov). XMLPrinter handles "or"
>   conditional element properly. Reparsing bug with
>   "accumulate" in the JessDE fixed (thanks Jason
>   Morris.) "modify" now once again modifies multiple
>   slots simultaneously. "max" and "min" return their
>   arguments using their original data types. Debugger
>   now correctly steps though router I/O statements.
> As usual, comments and questions are welcome at jess-users@sandia.gov
> or directly to me at [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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