I think Daniela CLARO wrote:
> Hi everybody,
>  I am doing a plan using Jess...actually somebody asked me what is the
> algorithm to planner that I am using, and I told him that was Jess...but he
> told me that Jess was an expert system, not an algorithm...
> So I am confused right now, what is actually the algorithm that I am using
> to plan? 

An "algorithm" is a description of the sequence of steps you follow to
do something. Jess (as Rob points out) uses the Rete algorithm to
match rules to facts and fire them -- but that doesn't mean that the
Rete algorithm is what you're using to plan.

If you're using a rule engine as a planner, then your planning
algorithm is some kind of search -- but exactly which kind of search
depends on the nature of your rules and also on the conflict
resolution strategy you're using. It might be a depth-first search, it
might be a breadth-first search, and it might be somewhere
in-between. It likely is a a "guided search", with some truncation of
the search tree via heuristic methods.

Which is a long-winded way of saying that this is really a question
you have to answer for yourself, but if you can't, then the answer is
"heuristic guided search."

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