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> Hi...
> I wonder if is there any kind of constraint in free jess61p8 version
> about the time it can work during an execution. I've wrote a java program
> that uses jess, and after 2 or 3 hours of being working, it just stops 
> apparently without any reason. I'm just discarding possible causes.

No, the trial version of Jess doesn't limit the length of a session. 

If your program is just stopping for no apparent reason, there are three
likely explanations:

1) The program is running out of memory, or some other error is
occurring, and you've got an empty catch block like

try {
  // Use Jess
} catch (Throwable t) {
  // Nothing

So whatever is really going wrong is beiung hidden by that catch
block. This is incredibly common.

2) You've written a multithreaded program, and it's
deadlocking. Pressing COntrol-Break (Windows) or Control-\ (UNIX) will
give you a stack trace which will make it fairly easy to see where
things have deadlocked.

3) No rules apply, so a call to run() returns and the program ends. If
you want run() to run forever, use runUntilHalt() instead.

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