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> I'm a new JESS user, I'm trying to install the eclipse plug-in of Jess70b5 
> into Eclipse 3.1.1 and it doesn't seem to work. (Nothing new after I extract 
> the files and I run eclipse again).
> Is there a version issue here ?

If reading this document:


doesn't clear things up, then let me point out that the eclipse/*.zip
files each contain a directory which in turn contains another
directory which in turn, finally, contains a number of files. For most
of them, the top directory is "plugins/", but for one, it's
"features/". These directories are the same ones that should already
exist in your Eclipse install -- certainly "plugins" does, and
"features" may or may not. You need to unzip these in such a way that
the "plugins" in the *.zip files overlays the existing one -- i.e., no
new "plugins" directory should be created. 

Now, as far as new things: you shouldn't see much of anything. The
"Views" method should list a few new views, but you won't notice
anything new until you actually open a "*.clp" file inside a Java
project; it should then open in a custom editor, and you'll see new
Jess-related options.

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