I think Krasnigor, Scott L (N-AST) wrote:
> I have a JavaBean that is represented in working memory. Each update to
> the Bean object usually updates 9 of the 12 slots for that object.
> Watching the facts, shows that for each update to the Bean object
> (outside of Jess), I see the fact updated for each changed slot. Is
> there a way to cause a modification to all changed slots of a fact at
> one time when multiple slots have changed outside of Jess? Thanks.

Either 1) you can change the Bean to batch events together (you'd have
to have a "startTransaction()" and "endTransaction()" pair of
methods), or 2) use static definstances, which ignore change events,
and then manually use Rete.updateObject() to tell Jess when an object
has changed.

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