Hi all, 
 I am having some difficulties to model my problem using Jess. I will try to
explain here. Imagine that I am constructing a house. And I have two
services to implements: 
 Supply Concrete
 Create Concrete Stairs 

So I want to create a stair in my house using concrete. Actually in order to
create the stairs I must have already bought the concrete. This means that
trying to put in Jess, supply concrete will be a fact, and create
concreteStairs a rule as shown below:

(assert (concrete supplied) (printout t "ConcreteSupplied" crlf))

(defrule ConcreteSupplied  
        (concrete supplied)
        (printout t "Concrete Supplied" crlf)

(defrule ConcreteStairs  
        (concrete supplied)
        (printout t "Concrete Stairs " crlf)
        (assert (exist concreteStairs))

Actually I want to know if a have some service X if it is possible that it
executes based on the preconditions verifications. I want as an answer the
order that these services should be implemented. For example, here the order
should be:
1. ConcreteSupplied
2. ConcreteStairsCreated

Moreover, if (concrete supplied) wasn't assert and the rule ConcreteStairs
is active, based on the precondition necessary to create the stair in
concrete, my algorithm shoud told me that first I must bye the concrete and
then create the stairs.

What I am not really sure is the representation of my rules and fact and how
can I check them. I tried to use deffunction, but in the LHS part we cannot
If somebody can give me a light in the final of my tunnel, I will be so

Thank you in advance, 

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