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Re: JESS: Using a rule engine for plan recognition

if you need to change order of rule firing you may establish control facts that would trigger or de-trigger executions.

Dusan Sormaz

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I think Yura wrote:
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> > (set-salience-evaluation every-cycle)
> I think that would be really slow.

Only if the agenda is large, but yes, it could slow things down.

> However the problem is quite common, so probably we may use some
> Java API to reevaluate the salience just once. The question is which
> one.

The problem is that if you reevaluate the salience of a single
activated rule, then the whole agenda has to be recomputed. You
actually wouldn't gain much, assuming these salience changes were

An alternative to every-cycle is when-activated, which will evaluate
the salience of a rule each time that rule is placed on the
agenda. Thus salience changes will affect new firings, but not
activations that existed before the change. This might be just fine.

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