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Note that Jess 7 is beta softwatre, meaning it's undergoing a
shakedown for bugs. Before reporting problems, please make sure you're
running the latest version of the beta (7.0b5 at the time of this
writing.) Problem you're reporting may be fixed in the newer version.

> -------Question 1-----------------------------------
> command line. When I batch the TestFacts.clp the
> commands reset defined inside the file does not seem
> to reset the working memory.

Perhaps there's something odd in one of your files, but this certainly
should work just fine. If you send me a pair of files that reproduce
this problem in Jess 7.0b5, I'd be happy to look at them.

> -------------Question 2-----------------
> I also dont understand the require and provide
> commands very well... It
> seems to me that it is actually loading these file
> like a batch commands.

> Can you please explain it to me?

As the manual states (see "The Jess Function List")  that's exactly
what it does; the only difference is that if the symbol is predefined,
then the file won't be read. Upgrade to 7.0b5, use the three-argument
form of "require", and things should work just fine.

> -------------Question3------------
> I also dont understand the something about the
> jessListener

(clear) doesn't clear event listeners, deliberately, because often
they're written in Java and used to instrument Jess form the
outside. You've written a JessListener in the Jess language which
depends on numerous things that are destroyed by "clear". You have two
choices to make this error go away: after "clear", redefine those
things (the defglobal, and the import statements) or have have this
listener delete itself when it sees a "clear" event -- or don't write
this handler in Jess.

I'll look at this issue in general; perhaps clear should delete
handlers written in Jess while leaving those written in Java.

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