I think Hector Urroz wrote:
> Jess> (ppdefrule MAIN::clear-need-answer)
> "(defrule MAIN::clear-need-answer
>    \"Clear need-answer if question has been answered\"
>    ?r <- (MAIN::need-answer (ident ?id))
>    (not (MAIN::answer (ident ?id)))
>    (MAIN::answer (ident ?id))
>    =>
>    (printout t \"Retracting need-answer for question: \" ?id crlf)
>    (retract ?r))"
> ... where does the "not" come from?

It's really there: it is inserted automatically when the rule is being
compiled. Resist your urge to "clean up" the need-answer facts;
they're not hurting anything and they help Jess keep track of what
it's doing.

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