I think Krasnigor, Scott L (N-AST) wrote:
> I performed a bsave from an engine that contains only shadow facts (and
> some simple rules). If I do a bload with that file into a new engine,
> are the facts that are loaded via the bload command remain shadow facts?
> Or do I need to re-definstance them in order to see modifications to the
> facts in working memory from my java app? Thanks.

Realize that the definition of "the objects" becomes rather slippery
in cases like this. The serialized data file could be read in a
completely different JVM, on a different machine, on a different
network, so there's no way that Jess could reconnect those exact same
objects -- the ones with the same physical RAM addresses, because,
even if there were some way to store a reference to them, they
mightn't be there when the file was read.

There are two things that Jess could do: it could 1) disconnect the
JavaBeans and forget about them; or 2) save them to the file. In the
first case, you lose information, but you avoid problems with
Serializability and identity. In the second case, if the Beans are
serializable and are more value-object-like, then you get the same
exact system back. That's what Jess does: it tries to save the Beans
in the serialized file, so that, under the right conditions,
everything ends up just as it was.

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