I've tried to run your example, but I received: 
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Fehlerauslesen

I think that it is missing!!!!

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Envoyi : vendredi 27 janvier 2006 09:32
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Objet : JESS: retract doesn't work like I want it to do

Hello everybody,

I need a hint from you. When I try to retract a fact, all other facts are
To understand what I mean, I'm sending the "anlageneu.clp" and
"fehlertabelle.dat" with this mail. It has a small GUI and it's asking some
questions to the user. Answer the first question with "expertensystem", the
second with "ja" and the third with "nein".
This procedure will insert the following facts to the working memory:
(Zylinder IO)
(Funktion Probleme)
(Notausschalter unbetaetigt)
(repair "Jeder Notaus- Knopf muss unbetaetigt sein. Loesen Sie alle, die
noch gedrueckt sind!")

In the next step I have to retract the last fact to fire the rule
"reparatur_Schutztuere_Stufe1", but it restarts questioning the user with
the first three questions.
Can somebody tell me what's wrong with the code?

Best regards,

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