Hello All Jess Users,

There is a school of thought which strongly suggests that creating a
formal domain ontology is prerequisite for building an expert system. 
I am writing a research paper on the topic, so  I thought that I'd
take a moment to ask for input from the Jessosphere.

If you would be willing to:

*  Answer a very short online survey (no more than 10 questions) about
ontology and how you use it, and/or
*  You would like to contribute an anecdote or brief case study (~2000
words or less),

please send me a reply so that I can add you to my qualified response list.

Any research stories, application and implementation stories, or
practical use cases where you have interacted with the subject of
ontology are especially valuable, and of course you can mention Jess
all you want!  I will be happy to cite your contribution and send you
a copy of the published results.  The survey will be online in about a

Thanks in advance for your participation!


Jason Morris - Co-moderator Jess listserver
Engineering and Technology Management Department
Portland State University, Portland, OR USA

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