As a newbie, I have created a java app that writes clips to file and
creates a Rete instance to write the output from clips.clp to output.txt. 
It all works exceptionally well locally, on Windows and Solaris with the
input and output landing in the same neighbourhood. Once I ask a web app
to run the program using php's exec( "java -jar BigJar.jar"), the fun
begins. The web app is a typical Apache/PHP/Mysql one, which reads the
output file once it is (theoretically) written to the /tmp directory.
the WWW permissions are set appropriately as the owner of the java
processes, the clp file is written correctly, the output is blank. 

Are there any simple issues that I may have overlooked, like the need for 
escape characters to describe the file path when calling 
v = engine.executeCommand("(batch " + inputFileName + ")"); 

before my schools sys admin goes to the trouble of building a system
entirely for me.. so that he can play with the permissions????

Rob K.

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