I think Matthew Hutchinson wrote:
> g'day everyone,
> when it comes to sotrage of rules and facts, how are most people handling
> it? Are you using JessML? Also, has anyone been storing the JessML in a
> database?

I don't think too many projects are using JessML yet, although I
expect that many will after the final release. The specifics of the
JessML language have still been changing a bit.

Those installations that don't store rules in flat files often use
Jess language rules stored in a VARCHAR column in a database. I know
of many systems of this type.

> as far as facts are concerned, do y'all just store them in plain text files?
> i also noticed that the Rete object is serializable, is this feature used
> often?

Most large applications use Java objects rather than native Jess
facts, and those objects are stored in the usual ways, independent of
Jess. But flat files (as are produced by "save-facts") work well for
plain facts.

Rete's serializability is used by the bload/bsave commands, and it's
also used by some "mobile agent" frameworks. In a few cases it's been
used for web app clustering, although I think a Rete object is
somewhat heavyweight to be put into a session.

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