Hi Folks,

With apologies in advance to the folks who have already been told this
several times, there appears to be another one of those stupid Visual
Basic Script viruses running around. This one seems to be particularly
bad as four different lists I belong to, including this one, have been
hit by it in just the last few hours. In any event, be extremely
careful of any mail you receive with "Jokes," "Jokes text," "Stages,"
"Life Stages" etc. in the title. If the mail contains an attachment
named LIFE_STAGES.TXT.SHS, congratulations, you've gotten a copy of
the virus. As long as you don't open the attachment, I believe you're
safe (and of course if you read mail on a non-Win32 computer, you're
safe too.) Anyway, I thought I'd pass this message along because I've
gotten so many infected messages today and not one official
announcement about the thing.

Ernest Friedman-Hill  
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