Jess already offers single inheritence capabilities, e.g.,

>(deftemplate being (slot name))
>(deftemplate mortal extends being)
>(deftemplate immmortal extends being)
>(deftemplate monster extends mortal)
>(deftemplate human extends mortal)
>(deftemplate god extends immortal)

I've already had situations where multiple inheritence would have been very
useful. Imagine, for example, a set of Java interfaces (e.g., Publisher,
Subscriber, StateReader, StateWriter), each defining, among others, getter
and setter operations for Bean properties. When defining (defclass)es for
Java classes implementing more than one of these interfaces it would be
nice to be able to mirror the inheritance/implementation hierarchy. In that
case rules could be written to handle the aspects modeled by the interfaces
one by one.

Would it be very complex to add multiple inheritance to Jess?



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