(deftemplate Temp (multislot m))
Cursory tests seem to indicate that a Temp pattern may be written with just
a single set of clusters consisting of '?', '$?' and their named cousins. As
an example, it's possible to write
  (Temp (m $? one two $?))
but not
  (Temp (m $? one two $?)(m $?mvals))
to ascertain that "one" and "two" occur as indicated *and *to bind ?mvals to
the entire list.

There is, of course, the workaround to use (Temp) once more, making sure
that the facts are the same, but this is rather a lot to write for a
relatively simple thing.

Is it correct that one (multi)slot cannot be used more than once in a single
pattern (except as a variable between braces)?


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