Sounds like your change listener might be better implemented as a rule with a 
"no-loop" declaration. Your rule would be invoked when the fact it matches 
changes, and it would be invoked at an appropriate time to modify the fact.

In my JessListener I want to set a slot value on the fact that I get on a Fact 
Event. I tried Rete.modify to modify the fact but got an exception that the 
fact was not in active memory. So figuring that the fact had not yet been added 
to the system I tried calling setSlotValue on the fact but then got a very 
strange behavior where my JessListener is called again with the same fact, 
without the slot value I set, and with the factid incremented. If my code again 
does a setSlotValue on this fact then my JessListener gets called again with 
the same fact, without the slot I set, and with the factid incremented, and 
this becomes an infinite loop. If I set a boolean and ignore the second call, 
then I end up with two facts, one with the slot having value nil and the other 
with the value I set.

I am assuming by this behavior that I am not supposed to modify the fact I get 
in my JessListener. Is there any way to set the slot value for this fact?


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